training on speed bag

Boxing Training

DG Boxing’s specialty is one-on-one training. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced boxer, training one-on-one allows you to receive personal attention while going at your own level and pace.

At many larger gyms or martial arts centers you are just one out of many people in a large class. At DG Boxing even our group classes are small by comparison and allow you to do one-on-one mitt training with our instructors. Because group sizes are small, you have the opportunity to learn from the trainer as well as others in the group. Our group classes are just as tough but you won’t have to go it alone. There are also separate group classes for kids and for women.

We are now also offering our new “Mobile Boxing” training program, which allows you to have our instructors come to you at a time and location that are convenient for you. Please call 562-986-9421 to learn more about Mobile Boxing.