Jeter Pro Fight Tickets

Support your Long Beach Boxer Jeter.

DG Boxing is proud to announce Jeter’s next pro fight. The fight will be going down on November 28.

Call 562-986-9421 for tickets.

See you at the fight!

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  1. Sarah says:

    Football by far. Men who play in the nfl for more than 5 years die on average 20+ years eaerilr than the average man. Sure a typical boxing match might be more painfull than a football game but football is too hard on the back, every football player I’ve ever known wound up with back problems sooner or later. The high weight requirements to play the sport don’t help either, most football players are a bit on the tubby side.Boxers are also very athletic as well which helps them to be healthy, not to dis any football players you guys are strong and all but boxers have developed the endurance of traithlon runners through lots of cardio and endurance training.Sarg

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